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  • Zixiao Li

What Should Brands Be Aware of When Working with Bilibili Influencers?

Last month, Bilibili and DT Caijng co-released the 2020 Video Trend Insight Report which indicated the overall trend that video platforms had become one of the greatest information outlets for Chinese netizens. And Bilibili, thanks to its unique “bullet screen” feature, is now one of the top video platforms in China.

Content creators on Bilibili are known for their video editing and creating skills. Working with creators on Bilibili also generates valuable brand assets that can be repurposed by brands. But brands really need to do their homework before commuting resources on Bilibili.

We have compiled a few tips for you.

Tip No.1 — Consumers are interested in content of good quality even if it has product placements. The key is how to creatively and smoothly embed the endorsement. A hard placement of ad will not only look awkward, it will hurt the performance of the video and your return on investment.

Tip No.2 — Keep in mind that the purpose of working with an influencer is to create some original content TOGETHER. Do give the influencers some autonomy during the production process.

Tip No.3 — Bilibili influencers are known for their tribal appeal, not mass appeal. Understand the niche market and his/her target audience before making a choice on which Bilibili influencer to collaborate with.

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