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  • Zixiao Li

What Content Shall I Put on Douyin, Bilibili, RED?

Short video (usually less than 5 mins in length) has become the leading content format on Chinese social media platforms.

RED recently joined the so-called "video war" by introducing a new designation called video accounts to boost video content on its platform.

The competition among platforms means that brands often have to deploy a multiple-platform strategy to reach a broader audience otherwise risk losing market share to competitors.

What type of content works best for each of these platforms? Here is a quick cheat sheet we have put together for you as a reference.

Douyin — All that a busker needs to do

Content performance on the short-video-oriented platform depends greatly on the first three seconds. It’s just like what a busker has to do to attract passers-by on the street — if you could catch them within a glimpse, you gain the traffic! Fun facts and behind-the-scene stories will do great help. And then, it’s all about engagement. Interactions such as Douyin challenge are what make audience feel involved and also what make your content go viral. That’s where Douyin stands out among other video platforms.

Bilibili — Make friends with your audience

Bilibili is well-known for its high follower loyalty, which needs to be earned through consistent high-quality and in-depth content. So building an audience on Bilibili is more like making friends with your followers — brands need to speak to the audience with content that can resonate with their lifestyle. Brand stories and design inspirations are excellent choices. Video production quality is also highly important to your audience. Make sure you take the time to research the memes and language style Bilibili audience is used to.

RED — Reputation leads to conversion

RED is where consumers want to see product reviews from their peers. Incorporating user-generated content on your brand account is vital. Red videos are less about production quality than information. Most consumers use Red as a research tool to validate brands they intend to purchase or discover new brands they haven't heard of. Make sure you include all the key information in the caption so that they can find your content through keywords search. Go the extra mile by providing product details -- close-up, packaging design, etc -- that are not available on e-commerce sites.

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