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What Are Brands & Influencers Doing During the Pandemic?

As though Covid-19 has brought about a suspension to almost every business and a lockdown to almost everybody including the influencers, the fashion industry didn’t just stay home and did nothing, at least not their marketing teams.

Well, the traditional offline campaigns are obviously not infection-proof enough. Let’s see how they are being creative during the pandemic!

Drive-In Event

Dermalogica — Dermalogica invited their influencers to a parking lot that was exquisitely decorated where the guests could experience the lately-launched exfoliant and enjoy a special catering.

Jouer — Jouer threw a movie-themed event at a rented drive-in theatre for its new Champagne and Macarons collection.

Online Event

Tatcha — After the cancellation of its launch of Rice Wash in Kyoto, Tatcha collaborated with the viral Japanese video game “Animal Crossing” and created a virtual self-care island.

Fenty Skin — Rihanna, founder of Fenty Skin, hosted a virtual house party where viewers could visit rooms to discover products.

Glow Recipe — Glow Recipe had Angel Merino (@mac_daddyy) throw a Zoom sleepover to help launch its Plum Plump Hyaluronic Serum.

Reference: Wischhover, C. (2020). Beauty influencer events are making a comeback. Business of Fasion, Retrieved from

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