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A team bi-lingual and bi-cultural communication strategists, we help our clients develop customized China market entry plans. In addition to our core competencies in content marketing and influencer marketing, we are able to offer client full-suite market entry services through a network of trusted professionals and execution partners.

Evolution of Chinese Consumers

As the largest luxury market in the world, China has become critically important for most brand's international expansion. Shifting demographic and fierce local competition, however, is posing new challenges for any emerging brands that want to tap into this market.


In the past decade, there have been three big waves of luxury consumers emerging from China. Each wave requires brands to adapt their marketing strategies.


First Wave: Rise of Chinese Nouveau Riche

Who are they: Chinese with newfound wealth and interest in international brands after China opens its borders Brand’s Strategy: Establish brick-and-mortar stores in China


Second Wave: Boom of Outbound Chinese Travelers 

Who are they: Chinese middle class traveling internationally to purchase foreign products and visit popular tourist destinations

Brand's Strategy: Invest in travel retail and tourism development


Third Wave: Emergence of Global Chinese Consumers

Who are they: global minded Chinese millennial and GenZ with sophisticated taste and immense spending power Brand's Strategy: Connect with them through influencer marketing and cross-border e-commerce

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